The Greater Miami Aviation Association, 90 Years of History

The GMAA is South Florida’s Aviation Chamber of Commerce. A place where the legends and the workers of aviation gathered to forge an airport, a worldwide hub, and an industry. As an important base for Pan Am, Eastern, National, American and LAN Miami has been the port of entry into North America for nearly a century. From flying boats to A380s. Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of this illustrious organization through a history of the movers and shakers that created and are currently shaping this critical hub of the aviation industry. Chapters 1) Origins 2) Glenn Curtiss 3) Juan Trippe 4) Eddie Rickenbacker 5) George Batchelor 6) Peter Dolora 7) Miami International Airport 8) Maintenance Repaid and Overhaul MROs 9) Flight Training 10) Vito La Forgia 11) On the Horizon Awards and Members.

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