Two Local Pilots Receive Major Aviation Award

GMAA Newsletter Submission by Robert Christensen – Source Google Alert – Commercial Airlines and Aviation

On March 5th 2018, dozens of people filled the Florida Aviation Center to celebrate two local airmen, Andy Anderman and Terry Meek as they received the Federal Aviation Administration Wright Brothers’ Master Pilot Award. “These gentlemen are pillars in the aviation community,” said Federal Aviation Administration Safety Inspector Mark Keefer. “They’ve mentored people along the way for the last fifty plus years and we respect them deeply.” Andy Anderman and Terry Meek started their flying career together in the early 1960s at the Peter O. Knight Airport located in Tampa on Davis Islands. The airport’s operator offers a flight school and aerial tours of the Tampa Bay region. Both award recipients were honored to be recognized together as master pilots.

“It’s a real honor working with Terry, I’ve known him a long time he’s a good safe pilot. I enjoy his company and companionship,” said Anderman. “We went to different high schools but we both learned in high school,” said Meek. “It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, it is a rewarding experience, it really is.” Both the award recipients served in the U.S. Military, commercial airlines, and law enforcement. Anderman and Meek hope to inspire younger generations to become pilots.


Andy Anderman

Terry Meek

Federal Aviation Administration Wright Brothers’ Master Pilot Award.