Fabio Alexander V. (Vasquez)

CEO; Executive Air Services Charter

Fabio Alexander has over 25 years’ experience in the aviation FBO industry, including 18 years spent leading Miami Executive Aviation (MEA) since its inception, as the company’s owner and CEO. Alexander began his career in aviation while fueling airplanes at the Marathon Jet Center, where he worked in a number of FBO manager positions, which eventually led to fuel division manager post, and then a marketing position with Husta Aviation at the Opa Locka Airport after being unemployed for almost a year due to Hurricane Andrew. Guillermo Lares chief pilot for the humanitarian cause Brothers to the Rescue and the GM for Husta at the time, recruited Fabio for employment and as a volunteer to fly for the cause. When Husta closed in 1996, due to poor market conditions, Alexander started a new FBO (Miami Executive Aviation) using a few credit cards to finance the company with short term lease from Miami Dade County at Opa Locka Airport for which he and the team earned a long term development lease after much success in 2005. After the partial sale of MEA to Ross Aviation in 2008, he joined the Ross Aviation/Centre Partners team as a partner, investor and chief marketing officer as well as board director. Mr. Alexander brought considerable marketing experience that he used to grow MEA including creating strategic industry partnerships with key partners, developing and hosting special events with Fortune 500 clients, such as Chevron, Enterprise Rent A Car and Merrill Lynch at his facilities to leverage awareness. He also used technology to create proprietary sales, marketing and CRM tools to increase revenues and retain clientele that helped propel and grow the Ross Aviation FBO locations from 8 to 21 during the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis. In 2014 Ross Aviation was acquired by the Carlyle Group FBO arm, Landmark Aviation for $333 million dollars at an 11x multiple.

Mr. Alexander currently leads Executive Investment Partners, which is a diverse investment company with holdings in the aviation, banking, and real estate sectors.

Mr. Alexander is also heavily involved in his local community, including the Miami Dade Aviation task force and co-founder and of Experience Aviation (experienceaviation.org) with Barrington Irving. EA is a non-profit organization that provides STEM+ learning in science, technology, engineering and math plus geography, history and social studies through aviation and auto industry training programs for underprivileged and inner city youth seeking guidance for life and career opportunities that they passion for. September 23, 2014 the “Flying Classroom” (www.flyingclassroom.com) Expedition and STEM+ curriculum was launched and rolled out to close to 50 schools and written under the common core standards and received the National Education Association endorsement. Since then the Flying Classroom team has gone national across the US with its STEM+ curriculum to over 500 schools.

He has received numerous accolades and awards including:

In 2015, received special recognition from the United Teachers of Dade as a community business leader and champion of education.

In 2014, received the Glenn Curtiss Award from the Greater Miami Aviation Association. The award recognizes extraordinary contributors to the air transport, business and private aviation sectors in the America’s and South Florida for their innovation, customer support and product quality and in the field of education.

Beacon Council’s “Aviation Company of the Year” in 2008 for MEA. Beacon Council is a county subsidized and corporate member driven business development, retention and organization initiative under the Mayor and Miami Dade County government.

MEA/Alexander was the first title sponsor/mentor for Barrington Irving’s historic trip around the world 2007, as well as a continued supporter, sponsor and Chairman of the board for Irving’s non-profit organization, Experience Aviation.

In 1997, received an award for his Courageous, Humanitarian & Dedication to the Cuban People for his volunteer search and rescue missions as a member of Brothers to the Rescue.

Mayoral Appointee to the Aviation Task Force of the Beacon Council from 1999 to present. Board Director for Empowerment Zone Economic Development Organization from 2000 to 2007.

In 2003 Executive Air Services (EAS) Charter Company became the first aviation company to place a jet on the golf course in Doral, Florida at Ford Championship at Doral Resort, to commemorate the Wright Brother’s 100th anniversary. 

The Miami Dade board of county commissioners declared May 8, 2008 as Fabio Alexander V. Day for his contributions to the community and the aviation industry.