C. Z. Sean Anthony

Maintenance Supervisor; Solairus Aviation

Sean’s love of aviation dates back to his childhood when he first saw his father’s powerplant manuals.  Aviation is a family business and Sean continues this tradition with the love and passion for his craft today.  Sean brings over 35 years of aviation experience with the last 28 specializing in the accomplishment and management of aircraft maintenance.  Over the years Sean has demonstrated an ability to get to the bottom of an issue, whether it be planning a big inspection or working with a regulatory body to gain approvals or certifications. 

Sean started his aviation work initiating and scheduling aeromedical evacuations in the USAF.  In the early 1990’s he made the move to aircraft maintenance when he began working for American International Airways (AIA), today known as Kalitta Air.  It was at AIA Sean’s talents were recognized and he moved through the ranks into management, running the company’s line maintenance stations before his departure for US Airways.  Unfortunately, September 11, 2001 interrupted what was supposed to be a career in Commercial Aviation and redirected Sean to Business Aviation.  Sean, along with some others from US Airways, helped NetJets transition its operation to be more efficient in cost and aircraft availability.  Sean has held several FAR 119 positions in Business Aviation as a Director or Vice President of Maintenance. 

In 2013, Sean transitioned into a niche market within the industry providing direct support to high-net-worth clients.  In this role, Sean works directly with a small team to safely and efficiently support a client’s air transportation needs.  Sean is current assigned to a Gulfstream G400 based out of Opa Locka, FL which is managed by Solairus Aviation.  In addition to Gulfstream products, Sean has significant experience maintaining and managing Dassualt Falcon aircraft operations.  He has a Master of Aeronautical Science, specializing in Aviation Business Management, from the world-renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He is active in his community with participation in local charities and our industry with his involvement in key industry leadership committees.

After almost 19 years in Business Aviation, Sean has made it his goal now to introduce the industry to underrepresented segments of society as a viable career option; with the reduction of the barriers to entry into the Business Aviation sector being one of his key goals.  As a result, and working through the Diversity Group within Solairus Aviation, Sean is engaging with Universities with the goal of: 1) Introducing students to Business Aviation, 2) Developing mentoring and shadowing opportunities, 3) Developing opportunities to reduce cost of education to students, 4) Developing an avenue for entry level professional employment into Business Aviation.