Become a Speaker at a GMAA Meeting

Thank you for accepting the invitation to speak to the Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA). We value your time and commitment, and we look forward to your program.

The GMAA typically meets on Wednesday from 11:30 am to 1:30 p.m. at the EB Hotel Miami, 4299 NW 36th St, Miami Springs, FL 33166. The meal is ready by noon, and speakers are always our guests for lunch. You should plan to arrive by 11:45am. This will give you time to check out any equipment issues before you need to get up to speak. You will generally be asked to start your presentation at 12:20, so you and your guest will have time to enjoy your lunch.

The Greater Miami Aviation Association is the oldest civic organization founded in 1927. Our members include civic leaders, business owners & leaders, and retired businessmen and women that helped build the aviation industry in South Florida. Current membership consists of men and women ages 35 to 80. There are typically 30-50 members present at the lunch meetings, and you will be speaking to the top business professionals in Miami’s aviation community. High quality programs are important to the association because they make attendance worthwhile. The following guidelines are intended to help in preparing your presentation:

Our members respond positively to speakers who present a topic of informational, educational, motivational, or entertainment value that will be of general interest to all members.

Please plan on 20 minutes or less for your talk, plus 5 minutes for Q&A. Informational leaflets or flyers may be placed on tables. You are welcome to invite members to stay after the meeting to answer more questions. Our meeting must end by 1:30 p.m

The dining room is large and we ask that you please use the hand-held microphone. Please inform us of equipment you plan to bring. The room is equipped with some audio-visual technology that is available for use. Please advise us if you will need to use any special AV equipment to assure that it is available for you that day. When using PowerPoint, please consider large pictures and very large print, as those sitting in the back cannot see slides smaller than 60-point.

Please provide program title and a brief bio (150-200 words) at least two weeks before the presentation. This information will be used for your introduction and will be printed in the newsletter and website.

Additionally, we ask that our speakers please abide by the following: Presentations should refrain from promoting a specific business, its services or products, and there should be no type of solicitation for a financial or in-kind donation or a request to purchase products or services. It is acceptable to talk about your business/organization and its services; it is not okay to make a “sales pitch” or directly solicit donations. Personal political or religious messages are not permitted. Please refrain from promoting anything that might suggest fund-raising for whatever the excellent cause might be unless specifically requested. (GMAA’s fundraising and allocations are budgeted line items.)